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Eristoff Red Vodka

Cut through the usual line-up of drinks with this striking blood red offering. Eristoff Red empowers and elevates any occasion.

Eristoff Red is best enjoyed on its own, over ice, or as a basis for vodka-based cocktails and vodka tonics. Our famous Eristoff Red cocktail is the Bloody Moon, it’s cranberry core and double vodka effect will have you ready to own any night.

Infused with sloe Berries that taste a bit like mischief feels, Eristoff Red has an aromatic length and astringent taste with fruity notes of raspberry and sloe berry.

You’ll attract a few stares with this blood red vodka drink.

If you fancy other vodka flavours as sharp as your nocturnal senses, make sure to check out the rest of Eristoff’s enigmatic range: Eristoff Original, Eristoff Black, Eristoff Ginger and Eristoff Lime.

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