Our story

Over 200 years in the making

By 1806, a time when your family name meant everything and the quality of your vodka reflected your standing in society, the Eristoff family had perfected their secret recipe for a premium vodka that they were proud to call Eristoff. This recipe remained a close secret of the family, kept with them at all times.

The wolf icon

They chose a wolf steeped in folklore and legend to become the icon for the vodka born out of ‘The Land of the Wolf’. The wolf itself was highly revered by the noble Eristhavi for its physical and mystical power.

Follow the wolf

The wolf is a fearless, instinctive & unconstrained icon of the eristhavi. Nocturnal by nature, the wolf own the night, fearlessly and spontaneously embracing its mysteries.

Nocturnal by nature

Just like the subcultures that inform and inspire Eristoff, the Wolf’s nocturnal creativity and intrepid exploration of its boundaries is woven into the fabric of our identity.

Our vodka

Eristoff is made from 100% pure grain, distilled as part of a three-step process and charcoal filtered to create a clean, smooth taste. Whether it’s being enjoyed neat, over ice or mixed, Eristoff’s unique crisp taste calls to the wolf within us all.