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Eristoff Black Vodka

For the fearless among us who find excitement in the dark, Eristoff Black Vodka is the ultimate reward. Eristoff Black is an eclectic blend of wild berries. Jet black in colour, the vodka-based liqueur tastes of deep raspberry and blackcurrants. It also contains a hint of liquorice, notes of green apple and spiced woody notes of the forest.

Eristoff Black Vodka is made using a blend of neutral spirit and demineralised water. The magnificent flavours are then added and mixed to perfection, followed by the addition of just the right amount of sugar syrup. The alcohol volume is adjusted to 18% with demineralised water and the beautiful colourant is incorporated. Finally, the liquid is filtered through a plate to obtain the clear and brilliant product.

Try this berry beauty in a Black Caipi – place lime and sugar into a heavy glass and muddle; fill the glass with crushed ice and stir; add Eristoff Black.

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